Does everyone need to go to the dentist every 6 months? Absolutely not !
Some individuals may only need to go once a year while other may go more
than every six months. It all depends on an individual’s lifestyle, diet,
habits like smoking, tobacco chewing and good or bad oral hygiene habits.

Regular dental ckeck-ups can be extremely beneficial for all people. It
is not just for children or the aged, but for everyone. Depending on a
number of factors such as existing dental issues,the likelihood of new
problems, the effectiveness of your personal care program and your rate
of tarter or calculus build-up on your teeth, it may be advised that you
visit your dentist more or less often depending on your own personal

Preventive measures like brushing and flossing are so important in
the overall scheme of things however that being said, a regular dental
checkup is the next, most important thing you can do in my opinion.

A regular dental checkup takes little time, does not cost too much and
and will identify small problems before they become serious and costly

In a perfect world, you should brush and floss your teeth after each and
every meal! That said, brushing and flossing thoroughly, once a day would
probably suffice for most people who cannot or will not brush and floss after
each meal.

Flossing removes food particles and bacteria between the teeth and under the
gum line. Probably the best time to brush and floss is before bedtime however
that may not always be convenient .

I would suggest that if you can only brush and floss once a day, select
the same time each and every day. This way it will become more of a habit
and you’ll be less likely forget to do it !

If you don’t floss, you are missing 35% of every tooth surface when only
using a tooth brush. If you have any doubts, brush first and then floss.
You will quickly realize just how inefficient brushing alone is.

Once again in an ideal world, flossing would best be done prior to bedtime.
In any case, please floss first, brush second followed by rinsing.Flossing can
be awkward and even challenging for some but once you get into a routine, it
will become the BEST Habit you ever got into!

It is a known fact that the carbohydrates like sugars and starches are
the main causes of dental caries and eventual tooth problems. You should avoid
sugar snacks at all costs and the consumption of sugar added soft drinks.

Natural fruit juices with no added sugar are recommended. Get into the habit
of reading food labels when shopping for groceries. Many foods that we consume
have hidden sugars like, molasses, fructose, glucose, honey and liquid inverted

If you have a “sweet tooth” there are some things you can
do to help keep your teeth in a friendly environment.

1. Avoid sticky, toffee- like candies
2. Avoid eating hard candies like lifesaver or lollipops.
3. Eat these treats with a meal rather than as a snack .
4. Brush and floss immediately afterwards

If you cannot brush and floss after every meal,you can at least rinse
your mouth with water several times. Maybe eat an apple after your lunch
or some other kind of “detergent food ” like raw vegetables
for example.

If you are having a salad with your meal, eat the salad at the end of the meal
rather than before. The salad is full of detergent-like ingredients which will help
clean some of the food plaque that accumulates after eating.

Avoid giving your children sugar-coated cereals. Especially before bedtime.
These types of cereals are very tenacious, sticking to the teeth and difficult
to remove especially by a child who doesn’t brush his or her teeth very
thoroughly yet. Their brushing should be supervised until they get it right!

These sticky types of sugar sweetened cereals remain in the mouth too long and create
acids that are known to be the precursor of cavities. If you want to reward your
children with a sweet, it can be the sugar-less kind or it may not have any sugar
at all. I believe that a child who can tie his or her shoe laces, should have
the digital dexterity to brush and floss efficiently and thoroughly.

What is wrong with giving a child a banana or popcorn as a sweet substitute treat?
How about giving them an apple, or some other type of fruit ? Perhaps an orange
or carrot might suffice. In any event, the teeth should be cleaned immediately after
tyoe of sweets have been eaten.

The moment you give your children sweets for a treat or reward. They will never
accept the substitutes that I have mentioned. If they don’t get sweets,they will
will never know what they are missing at least in the early stages of their

I realize that this approach may sound cruel but believe me, these preventive steps
are well worth the time, perseverance and effort. No child should ever have to
experience the dreaded sound of a high-speed dental drill and the filling prodedures
that follow.

Not to mention how much money you could save by following a few simple, yet effective
preventive measures discussed. Keeping your teeth and your children’s teeth
and gums healthy for a lifetime is not only achievable but most desirable.

Maintaining good oral health requires the right combination of personal and
professional care. Remember! One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !

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