Two days ago I was almost wiped out by a careless, inconsiderate cyclist

while I was walking in the middle of a crosswalk in the pouring rain. As matter

of fact, there were actually two cyclists. One went in front of me less than a foot

away and the other went behind me in a similar fashion.

I just don’t understand why most cyclist appear to have no regard whatsoever, for

pedestrians , crosswalks , signal lights  and/or stop signs !

Although I have numerous friends who ride bikes, I firmly believe that they should

not be allowed to ride their bikes on the city street without a license and insurance.

On top of this, they should have more respect and regard for pedestrians .

When I was a teenager back in the 50s, I had to buy a license for my bicycle . It cost

$2.00 for a year.

Have you ever seen cyclist riding their bikes on city sidewalks ? I have on several

occasions. Just a few months ago, a student riding a bicycle on a UBC campus

sidewalk stopped inches short of my crotch with the front tire wedged between my legs.

If he had not been going as slow as he was, I’m sure I would have been knocked squarely

on my ass.

The Vancouver City Council passed some legislation a few years ago to make Vancouver safer

for cyclists. In fact, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, providing  bicycle lanes all over

the city . Who pays for these changes ?     We do!————- The tax payers.

Not only do we have to pay for these cycle lanes, we also have to put up with all the

inconvenience, and hazards caused by inconsiderate, careless , rude and reckless

cyclists who disregard stop signs, red lights, crosswalks, and pedestrians in those


Don’t you think the bicycle riders should pay their fare share by having to buy a license to ride

on the streets and highways  ? I sure do !  It should also be mandatory that they have accidental

insurance coverage.

If any of my readers and followers have any comments to add to my article , please

do not hesitate to speak up and express your opinions regarding cyclists riding in the

streets and highways.








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