If you have neglected your regular dental care , consumed staining drinks like
coffee, black tea or have a  bad habit of smoking, tobacco chewing or have taken
ome forms of medication which may have caused your teeth to be yellow or brownish,
YOU might benefit from  one or more of the teeth whitening product solutions
available today!

Over the last few years, teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon. Society today
has become extremely vane.  We have become very self conscious of our outward appearance.
Particularly in the Western part of the world. As popular as teeth whitening procedures
have become, many people are still unaware of the wide selection of different products
and procedures available. They are also unaware of many of the risks involved with
such a wide variety of products on the market!

There are hundreds of teeth whitening products that all claim to give you positive
results in a very short period of time. That being said, a large number of them do
misrepresent their effectiveness.

Because there are so many different kinds of teeth whitening systems and  products
available, most people have a difficult time selecting the system that will be best
for them. Consequently, you as the consumer, must be aware of your alternatives.
Know the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

In order for you to make an informed decision, you must know whether you are a good
candidate for  any one system available. You should be aware of the costs, risks 
and time involved. Should  you have a professional opinion from a dentist before you
decide? I believe you should. Once you know you are a good candidate, it becomes much
easier to select the system that will match your pocket book.

You must do your due diligence before you decide. Many systems on the market do not work.
They make great promises but usually will not meet your expectations. Approximately,
1/3 of all systems on the market today, misrepresent their effectiveness.

Get all the necessary information before making a decision to buy a certain teeth
whitening procedure!   Once you know you are a candidate, it is much easier to select
the one that matches your budget. I would prefer to have an professional opinion
regarding my degree of success. You want your expectations to be realistic so you
will not be disappointed with the final outcome.

High expectations, from my experience,  usually are quite often not met with any
degree of success.  Teeth whitening success depends on what condition your teeth
are in. For example, what  type of stains you are dealing with ? What will be your
 expectations of the final outcome. How long will it take? Will further treatments
if any, be required in the future ? Will teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity? 
Can teeth whitening procedures have a permanent lasting effect ? 

Brightening your smile safely and easily by reversing the discoloration of your teeth
is certainly possible however you must have a realistic , achievable  goal . For example,
Teeth that look natural for a teenager would seem unnatural for an individual in their
sixties.  Typically as we get older, our teeth become darker shades of yellows and grays.
The severity of these color changes  obviously will determine the final outcome of any
whitening system.

Getting a professional opinion first can be extremely beneficial. You should know
what kind of candidate you are. You may be a good candidate for a successful whitening
procedure or you may not be so good. Wouldn’t you like to know first before you spend
your hard earned money?

One of the main problems that may disqualify you from having a successful teeth whitening
treatments is whether or not you have had any previous white fillings placed in your
front upper teeth in particular. IF you have any such fillings present, their colors
cannot be changed by a teeth whitening product.

Consequently, you would have to have those fillings replaced after you had a successful
bleaching treatment.  Obviously the Dentist may not care because it would mean more
business for him or her. If you are successful with a program and your fillings are then
replaced to match the shade that you have selected and achieved, the teeth will gradually
begin to darken again and the new fillings that you had replaced will not match the
bleached enamel surfaces of your teeth.

Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge, teeth whitening procedures  are not permanent.
They have to be repeated over and over again depending on the system that you select
 when you begin.

 There is a simple equation used to selecting a teeth-whitening product : TIME x RESULTS
=PRICE !Consequently, no matter how much or how little money you have, chances are quite
good that you will find a system to match your budget.

Apparently, if you have unlimited resources to spend, you can have your teeth whitened in
a Dental office atmosphere for ($400 to $1000 ) from a 30 to 60 minutes time period.
They claim that they can make your teeth 10 times or more brighter than before.

In general, the non-light activated chair-side systems are the most effective in-office
systems! There are many on the market such as KoR DEEP BLEACHING, Opalescence BOOST, POla
Office+, and Lumibrite .The KoR treatment features a take-home kit followed by a dental
office visit as part of the regular protocol.

The Opalescence Boost, is another powerful in-office whitening system delivered under
a Dentist’s care.

The names of major light activated players for in-office use are called “Laser”whitening ;
like Zoom, Brite-Smile  and Sapphire .  So what makes these two kinds of in-office
treatments so expensive?Well, you are paying for overhead costs and the supervising Dentist
and/or Hygienist’s time !

The light activated systems use medical strength bleaching formulas , which can irritate
the surrounding gum tissues and teeth ! Consequently ,very close supervision and professionally
applied protection is required. The cost of the activation lamps is rather high. Obviously,
these cost are passed on to you the consumer. You should know that the use of activating
lights is under heavy scrutiny at this time.

to the Take -Home whitening Kits that dentists sometimes will prescribe for their teeth
whitening patients.  These are of  a tremendous value -ranging from $150 to $250, including
dental visits and can offer the same kind of results -up to 10 shades of whitening anywhere
from 8 to 10 days. The bleaching solutions used at home are safe and therefore do not require
professional supervision when they are applied.

  Some of the take-home beaching kits are; Opalescence, Sapphire, LumiBrite, Nite White,
nd Day White.

For over the counter teeth whitening kits and strips $100 dollars and under, you have ;
Crest Whitening 3D whitestrips Professional, GoSmile 4-day  Speed Whitening System and
SuperSmile Professional Whitening System. Although you can experience good results with
these home kit systems, it is absolutely essential that you follow the directions given
carefully. Remember, more is not necessarily better !

There are other kits available on the market for $50 and under, with less reliability.
Some of these are; Rembrandt Platinum Whites, Aquafresh white Trays and 3D Crest white.

It is imperative to remember, that although any of these kits will whiten teeth noticeably,
the formula Time x Results = Price. How well these kits preform depends largely on how well
you follow the directions, and most importantly, whether you are a good candidate  for teeth
whitening procedures or not.  The less expensive methods are so, because the bleach
formulations are proven to be the safest for the greatest number of people – unsupervised by dentists.

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