In common with all phases of good dentistry,a proper,complete exam takes time. A thorough exam cannot be done in a few minutes. The so called ” Quickie exam” on a first visit, is a specialty of the incompetent dentist who rarely takes time to do
anything right.

A “quickie examination ” may be appropriate for an emergency care
situation where a single xray may or may not be required.

After you receive a first time thorough exam and have been given a tentative treatment plan with the costs involved ,you will be able to make an fully informed decision, regarding the treatment you require.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding a treatment plan given to you, you may want to consider getting a second opinion from another dentist of your choosing.

If the first dentist you went to is reputable and honest , he or she should welcome the second opinion option for you. They should not object or mind making dental xrays or other records available upon your request. As I mentioned previously in another blog, you may be charged a nominal fee for copies of xrays.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there is a dental school , you could go there and get an excellent confirmatory diagnosis from the teaching staff.

Do not be afraid to ask the dentist questions ! If he or she cares about your dental needs and welfare, they will be pleased to take the time to answer your questions regarding your dental needs.

If your dentist cannot give you the answers you require, he or she should refer you to a specialist for a second opinion . That is what
specialists are for. Dentistry has several specialist categories;

* Endodontist who specializes in rootcanal therapies.

* Prosthodontist who specializes in Crowns, Bridges, implants,
Dentures, partial dentures, veneers and TMJ issues.

* Periodontists who specializes in the treatment of the gum and bone tissues that surround the teeth and placement of implants as well as different types of surgical procedures that may be required.

* Maxillo Facial Oral surgeons who specializes in the removal of
difficult impacted wisdom teeth, placement of implants, and
many other more complicated and more serious forms of surgery that may be required.

* Orthodontist who specializes in the correction of crooked teeth, irregular jaw relationships and malocclusions using both removable and secured appliances.

* Pedodontist who specializes in general dentistry for children, up
to the age of 12 or 14 years old.

As your dental treatment progresses, you should receive a full explanation of the different phases of work that are being done for you.

If your dentist does not make an attempt to educate you about your dental needs on a ongoing basis, perhaps you should consider going to someone else who will !

When you’re being treated in the dental chair, you should have a
sense of awareness that the dentist or hygienist who is attending to you, is conscientious, gentle, caring and sincere about the time they are spending with you.

They should be conentrating on your treatment only and not running back and forth from one room to another, providing treatments for one or more other patients in the same time frame.

I would personally avoid going to any dental office where this type of dental practice goes on. You deserve and pay for the undivided attention of the individual that is providing you a very personal service.

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