Although there are many types of OTC products formulated to alleviate oral pain, please be CAUTIOUS !

Seek the advice of your local Pharmacist, Doctor or Dentist before you decide to do or take anything to get rid of your problem.

Many common conditions cause oral pain and discomfort:

* toothaches
* tooth sensitivity
* teething ( infants)
* minor gum tissue irritations
* oral tissue disorders (canker sores)
* Herpes Simplex labialis (cold sores)
* xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome)

Because there is such a variety of oral pain problems, a patient is better off being assessed for the appropriateness of
treatment and educated on the proper use of these products that are available.

Your local pharmacist can be very helpful but if you have any concerns regarding the nature of your problems, seek professional advice ASAP before doing anything yourself.

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