Have you ever noticed how inconsiderate cyclist are when they approach

stop signs and/or crosswalks ? I see it  happen daily and it really frustrates me

that they have no consideration for pedestrians in crosswalks or don’t stop at

stop signs.

Why do cyclists act like they don’t have to obey traffic signs ?

In Vancouver B.C. , a few years ago, the Mayor of the Vancouver  City Council,

implemented numerous bike lanes within the city  for thousands of dollars.

Oddly enough, I hardly ever see these lanes being used by cyclists.


I still see cyclists using sidewalks instead that I thought were provided for pedestrians

In fact ,just two weeks ago I was almost run down by a student cyclist at UBC who was

riding her bike on the sidewalk. Why she was not using the  designated cycle lanes on

the road escapes me. The front wheel of her bike stopped just short of hitting me in the

crotch. I could not believe that this near catastrophe was happening.

Cyclists should have a license to ride their bikes on the road as well as accidental insurance.

If I drove my automobile the way  most cyclists ride their bikes on the streets,  I

would probably be put in jail charged with vehicular homicide  sooner or later. They just

blatantly disregard all road signs and any consideration for pedestrians who are walking

within a crosswalk.

It has to be a miracle that a cyclist is not seriously injured and/or killed on the road

in Vancouver  on a daily basis. For some reason ,they act like they’re immune  to the

possibility of having a serious accident injuring themselves or someone else.

Have you ever noticed how poorly visible  some cyclists  are on the road because they do

not have adequate flashers and or bright clothing on ? No reflectors  and /or lights of

any kind visible.  I just don’t understand the mentality of these cyclists who don’t  take

the necessary precautions to ride safely on the roads.

Cyclists for the most part, are a serious hazard on the street of Vancouver and in my view

should be heavily fined for breaking the traffic laws . I would appreciate any comments

you may have regarding this subject .






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