A mouth guard is a protective device made for the mouth to cover the teeth and gum tissue.

It was originally made to protect boxers from damaging their lips and teeth. Now it is widely used to protect althletes who take part in active, contact sports like Hockey, football and lacrosse.

They also can and are used to treat severe cases of bruxism (teeth-grinding) and tempormandibular joint ( TMJ) disorders.

Other types of mouth-guards are used to straighten teeth (invisalign) and for teeth bleaching systems.

You have the option of buying a do-it-yourself mouthgurad kit or having a custom made one by a dental professional.

It depends on why you want to wear one and for what purpose. It would be advisable to consult with a dental professional regarding your need for a mouth guard that is not sport related.

One word of caution. Keep these mouth-guards out of reach of cat or dog pets. They tend to like chewing on these appliances and can destroy them quite readily.

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