The best manual toothbrush to use in my opinion,would be one that has the following criteria;

* Should have the softest bristles
* Should have a small bristle head
* Reasonable and comparative in cost
* Be effective for at least 3 months
* Buy in bulk if possible!

At the end of the day, using any type of tooth brush is better than none.However,a smaller, softer bristle is best.

A good tooth brush will last 3 to 4 months if used properly on a daily basis.

I would recommend a new brush every 4 to 6 months. When they begin to look like a hair brush it is time to change it.

Although brushing your teeth is important,FLOSSING YOUR TEETH is an absolute necessity.

Do your own comparison. Brush your teeth first then floss your teeth afterwards.

You will quickly learn that brushing only, does a small part of the job.

I would rather have you floss your teeth than brush,if there was a choice to make.

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