It is perhaps not unusual that the human mind associates dentistry with physical
discomfort and sometimes extreme agony.

The mouth where the dentist does his or her work, is a very sensitive place, and the
teeth and gums can be a source of pain ranging from mild or chronic on occasion  to
excruciating and acute.

Dental pain can and will ruin the pleasure of eating and drinking hot or cold liquids.
It can be severe enough to keep one from sleeping .

Dental pain can be the result of a competent dentist’s  drill and /or hand instrument .
Although some dental work can result in a mild form of dental pain following dental
procedures, dentists per say, are not responsible for most tooth aches……Especially
the more severe ones !

That said however, an incompetent dentist can be directly responsible for causing
toothaches but most  tooth aches are a result of patient’s neglect and or trauma.

Though the pulp tissue, most commonly and incorrectly referred to by the public as
(a tooth nerve), can be the most common source of dental pain, a
slight irritation of the pulpal tissue is called pulpal hyperemia.

The dental pulpal tissue is defined as a highly vascular and innervated connective
contained within the pulp cavity of a tooth.

A hyperemic pulp usually displays sensitivity to hot and /or cold stimuli. It may also be
sensitive to pressure from chewing, or the action of juices which are sweet or
acidic in nature.

Pulpal inflammation (pulpitis) on the other hand, produces a much more acute pain which
is more severe than a pain caused by a hyperemic pulp.

This type of inflammation can be caused by :  trauma, dental drilling, tooth decay,
toxic effects from poorly insulated filling materials, changes in temperature and
possibly an invasion by the oral bacteria.

All  body tissues including the pulp tissue , expands when they become inflamed. The
pulpal confinement within the walls of the tooth dentin, does not allow the inflamed
pulp to expand, hence a terrific amount of pressure builds up inside the affected tooth
causing severe dental pain!

Hyperemia may be periodic and the symptoms may disappear for long periods of time but
can return for brief episodes.

The gum tissue can also be a source of dental pain, especially if there is an infection
present. Pain from gum tissue usually results from an infectious lesions associated with
erupting wisdom teeth (third molars), chronic or acute irritations from denture sores, trauma,
or foreign objects that may have inadvertently become wedged between the teeth and /or gums.

It is absolutely essential that no matter what kind of dental pain you may experience, it
should be considered as a real ailment, and  looked after as soon as possible.

Any form of dental pain is very REAL and rarely, if ever, pyschosomatic in origin !

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