Invisalign,is a relatively new way of treating misaligned teeth
in patients ranging in age 12 to 65. Over the past two decades,
more adults have become possessed with their outward appearance.
The reality is, our society has become extremely vane.

Because of the greater demand for whiter and straighter teeth,
invisalign has evolved and become an very positive alternative for
treating misaligned teeth. Invisalign straightens your teeth with
a series of clear,almost invisible custom-molded aligners.

Invisialign’s removable aligners are worn without interrupting your
regular daily activities and are removed only to eat and brush/floss.
This virtually invisible option helps to straighten your teeth and
treat your specific orthodontic issues.

The average course of treatment involves changing these custom
made aligners every two to three weeks moving your teeth into
straighter positions step by step. This step by step procedure
is continued until the desired result of a more beautiful smile
has been attained.

Unlike the traditional type braces, these clear aligners can be
removed at any time, there-by making it easier to eat and brush/floss
your teeth after eating !

One of the big advantages of using an invisalign technique over
braces, is the length of treatment time usually required. An average
invisalign course of treatment, takes about one year. The traditional
way may take 3 to 5 years.

At regular intervals, you will receive a new set of custom
molded aligners to continue the straightening process as the
required changes take place.

The total number of aligners you will require is a speific number
depending on your specific set of needs. Each individual case will
vary and your attending doctor, will determine your course
of treatment.

So many people today have better smiles and straighter teeth
thanks to INVISALIGN. If you are so inclined to have your teeth
strightened using invisalign, have an exam and consultation
with your dentist.

If your dentist has been trained and knowlegeable regarding the
use of the invisalign techniques have him or her do it for you.
However,if your dentist does not wish to provide you with this
service, you should be referred to an Certified Orthodontic Specialist.

Remember that most dentists will not have the expertise to supervise
this invisalign technology but all Orthodontists will. A certified
Orthodontist will have the training and education to determine if
you are a good candidate for a invisalign treatment.

Perhaps your situation may not lend itself for a successful
outcome with invisalign. Perhaps you would require the standard
othodontic metal braces with a much longer period of treatment
time for a positive prognosis.

It is absolutely imperative that you find out if you are indeed
a candidate for a successful prognosis using invisalign. ……
Not everyone is good candidate.On top of that,the cost of an
invisalign treatment is probably more that the cost of having braces.

That said , you have to be certain of the professional you choose
to supervise your treatment.

Invisalign tends to cost more than metal braces, as the technology
behind it is more expensive. If pricing plays an important role
when deciding between the two, do some thorough research. The cost
of invisalign varies patient to patient and depends on your geographical
location and the severity and duration of your case. Most orthodontists
do offer payment plans, many of which are interest free, so consult
and research beforehand!

Although this invisalign technology did not exist when I graduated
from dental school in the 60s, I did have the experience of observing
a few invisalign cases before retiring from general practice in 2002.
I must say that I was somewhat skeptical about the procedure at first
however, after I witnessed some of the results in the early stages
of treatment, …….I was very impressed.

Knowing what I know about orthodontia and moving teeth around,
I’m not too sure about the long term prognosis for invisalign
treatment, as opposed to the traditional braces technique.

My understanding of moving teeth and keeping them in there altered
positions permanently is best achieved by moving the teeth slowly
and surely, the traditional way. I don’t know if the invisalign
technique requires the use of retainers after the desired results
have been accomplished. This information you must get before you
embark on a treatment that will become a substantial investment
in your SMILE and well being !

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