There are many oral pain medications available to relieve various types of dental discomfort.Probably the best over the counter painkillers for a toothache are the NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

The only way to deal with most dental pains is to correct whatever is causing those pains and that means going to the dentist rather than trying to treat the pain yourself. Obviously there are some remedies you can try until you can get to a dentist for professional help. 

Aspirin and Tylenol come to mind. These are both available over the counter and are the ones most commonly used and least harmful pain-killing drugs. As mentioned in an earlier article  regarding pain-relief, aspirin is usually strong enough to alleviate minor toothaches and most , post dental treatment discomfort.

An aspirin will not be adequate for an acute toothache or a severe post operative pain resulting from  some surgical procedure like the removal of a wisdom tooth or difficult extraction. An Anti-inflammatory drug like an ibuprofen ( advil, motrin ) are a good alternative to narcotic forms which can have more undesireable side effects and need to be prescribed by your doctor or dentists.

Please note that  Aspirins are only benficial when taken internally. NEVER place an aspirin on the toothache site to try and alleviate the dental pain. It will only cause more problems with the surrounding tissue. ………it will actually cause an aspirin tissue burn, which may become more painful than the initial issue you were dealing with.

Tincture of eugenol (oil of cloaves) is one of the world’s oldest known remedies for pain relief. It is a very effective sedative to the pulpal tooth tissue and one of the few medications that can calm down a hyperemic tooth pulp.

Dentists will often use a form of eugenol base as a temporary filling material to settle down a tooth before a final or more permanent restoration is applied. In the early days, oil of cloaves was available in most drug stores………. One brand that comes to mind was called “Jiffey Drops”. This product was most effective in teeth that had large cavities and you could actually place the drops directly into the cavitated tooth.

Obviously, this method  was used only as a temporary measure because ultimately the tooth would have to attended too by a dentist sooner than later.

Another older oral pain medication used by dentists to alleviate dental pain was “Silver Nitrate”, a very powerful caustic agent. It was used to reduce tooth sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli. This  remedy was only a temprorary measure as well, because the tooth sensitivity usually returned.

Other oral pain medications which have had resonable results for getting rid of dental pain are the anesthetic liquids that are available over the counter. Some of the better know products are Ambesol, Oragel or Den Tek Stix. and maximum strength version of ( 20% Bezocaine ). The main problem with these are that they are not too effective and don’t last long enough.

Although it may be very tempting to try and treat your own dental pain, it is not highly recommended .Call a dentist for advice ASAP. Most dentists who are sincere and compassionate about your dental needs will help you get through these difficult and challenging times when you have a toothache or require immediate treatment.

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