In order to maintain good oral health, you MUST not only brush and floss daily but you must also use GUM stimulators:

Gum stimulators will;

* Remove unwanted plaque
* Stimulates blood circulation
* keeps your GUMS Healthier
* Removes food particles

Gum stimulators are long plastic or metal tools that have a soft rubber tip on the end.

This rubber tip sticks out sideways and allows you to clean, exercise and massage your GUM tissue.

You can stimulate the gum tissue by working the rubber tip back and forth along the gum line or necks of your teeth and between your teeth.

Use your gum stimulator at least once a day and don’t forget to place it between the teeth spaces as well.

Rinsing your mouth periodically will help remove dislocated food debri and plaque………….You should replace them every few months !

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