Before I continue with last weeks blog , I want you to know
Dentists are entitled to earn a better than average income !

After all, they have invested a considerable amount of time
and money into their education. Believe it or not, most dental
students that graduate today will have a debt between $150,000
and $300,000 dollars or more.

Setting up a dental practice is extremely costly. Depending
on the size and location, setting up or buying up a dental
practice could cost between $250,000 and $500,000 dollars.

Perhaps it is no wonder new dental graduates want to provide
highend dental services when they first graduate.The problem
with this of course is,they don’t have the expertise or knowhow
to do highend dentistry in an appropriate manner with any degree
of long term success.

Working in someone’s mouth day in and day out is hard work !
Not so much in the physical sense of the word but rather from
a psychological point of view.

The profession of dentistry can be very stressful, demanding,
complicated and intricate at times,That being said,it is also
extremely rewarding when a patient is happy and pleased with
the treatment that was provided for them.

The most upsetting thing to me about my profession is that a few
dentists choose to do poor work for the sake of the almighty
I don’t believe that there are any reliable statistics available
to substantiate just how widespread this travesty exists. But
one thing I do know…. It does exist….. It will always exist!
and you as consumers have to be aware and do your due diligence
when choosing and keeping your dentist.

It’s sad but true. Today there are numerous dentists who choose
to care more about extracting money from your wallet,than
your overall welfare and dental health!

One of the main reasons why I decided to write dental blogs
is to point out the pitfalls of my profession. I want you
become aware.I will provide you with some guidelines and
information that will help you determine if you’re being
treated in the appropriate, adequate manner at all times.

Fortunately, most dentists are competent and are providing
a great service to the public at large. Just like any other
field or profession, there are always a few bad apples amongst

Always ask lots of questions and be absolutey sure that
you have been given all the information you require to make
an INFORMED decision, regarding any dental services
recommended for you or members of your family.

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