The ultimate failure in dentistry is the complete upper and lower denture patient!

It is the most challenging and difficult problem to treat satisfactorily in most cases.

That said however, with the avilability of denture implants,denture patients are now experiencing much better denture stability and function.

In order to maintain healthy gum tissue, denture users should brush there toothless gums each and every day. This perhaps sounds like an unusual suggestion but doing so, will help increase blood flow.

Brushing your gum tissue will make also help to keep your tissues cleaner, firmer,stronger and healthier.

Always remember to clean and rinse your dentures after each and every meal. ….Some denture care products are available for this purpose.

It is also very very important for denture users to have a dental exam at least once a year.

There are many denture care products available to make denture wearers more comfortable, more secure,and confident.

You should avoid any oral care products that contain alcohol which can irritate the mouth and gum tissue.

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