Flossing your teeth is absolutely essential to maintaining a clean,healthy oral cavity.

Once again,the type of floss you use is a personal choice. However that being said, I would recommend using a larger,WAXED DENTAL FLOSS rather than an unwaxed type.

The wax acts as a lubricant and is easier to place between the contacts of your teeth.In fact,I would go one step further,and recommend using a waxed dental TAPE rather than floss.

The dental tape is wider and therefore has more wax on it. Therefore ,making the flossing procedure even easier.

If you have many fillings in your mouth, using a waxed dental tape will be much more effective than using a unwaxed floss.

Unwaxed dental floss is said to remove more dental plaque from your teeth than waxed floss but if you have any rough fillings between your teeth, flossing can be very challenging.

The problem is,unwaxed floss shreads more readily and therefore can act as more of a deterant to flossing whereas the wider, waxed dental floss will make flossing easier.

I urge you to try both types……I know you will make the right choice!

FLOSSING is  absolutely one of the best habits you can get into and It can save you MONEY!

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