There are basically four types of dental treatment;

1. Preventive treatment which keeps your teeth and gums healthy!

2. Restorative treatment which treats damaged teeth, gums and replacement

of missing teeth!

3. Orthodontic treatment which involves the improvement of the position,

appearance and function of your teeth!

4. Cosmetic treatment which deals primarily with the appearance of your teeth!

Cosmetic dentistry is in great demand today! Society has become extremely vain
and everyone wants to look like a movie star. Dentist just love this demand
because it put money in their jeans!

Cosmetic dentistry involves the correction and improvement of the appearance of
broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth,stained teeth or widely
spaced teeth.

A cosmetic treatment may include, bleaching of the teeth,bonding procedures,
veneer placements, crowns and fixed bridgework. These types of treatments are
quite often a selective option rather than an emergency or absolute necessity.

It goes without saying that cosmetic dentistry is high-end and can be very costly
and therefore not too accessible to a person with an average income and perhaps
no dental health insurance to off-set the costs involved.

It is important to remember that before one considers the bleaching of the teeth,
bonding or veneering of the teeth, there are a few questions that any interested
individual should be asking namely:

What are all your options?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of treatments considered?
Will my expectations be readily met?
How long will the finished product likely last under normal circumstances?
How will breakage of a bonded veneer be handled?
How much experience does your dentist have, doing this type of work?
Does the dentist have any special education regarding these treatments discussed?
How much will the treatment chosen costs?
Is there a payment plan option?
How long do bleaching procedures take and last?

The Bleaching of the teeth is rather a common phenomenon today!
It is a method whereby a chemical agent is used to lighten up the
colour of the teeth involved which are usually the Maxillary (upper
six anterior (front) teeth.

Today, there are numerous bleaching methods and materials available to
the public. Although most are thought to be safe to use, a concern has been
expressed because some manufacturers still do not have long-term, safety
laboratory data available regarding their products.

You can have your teeth bleached under a controlled environment in a dental
office. Although this is probably the more expensive way to have it done, it is
highly recommended because you are more, likely have the best outcome.

Then there are the do-it-yourself bleaching kits that you can buy at most drug
stores or even online. There are many of these available and you must be careful
not to abuse the use of them. Remember MORE is NOT necessarily BETTER!

In fact, you must go one step further and do your due diligence to make absolutely
sure that you are indeed a good candidate for a bleaching procedure. I say this,
because not every person is a good candidate, especially if you already have numerous
white fillings placed in your front teeth.

Why? The teeth may change colour, but the old restorations in your teeth will not!
If these restorations are large and show, they will appear darker than before the
bleaching. Guess what? The dentist is now rubbing his hands in glee because now you
will want to have these fillings replaced to match, if possible,the bleached tooth
structure surrounding these fillings!

Bleaching procedures done by a professional or by yourself, can cause
teeth sensitivity. It is not a permanent treatment and eventually will have
to be redone at some point, depending on your expectations and needs.

The degree of success of any vital bleaching procedure,depends primarily
on the type of staining you are dealing with. Success seems to vary depending
on the bleaching agents used and who is doing the treatment.

Before attempting to do your own bleaching treatments, get a professional opinion
as to your needs and what would work best for you. In my most humble and honest
opinion, this procedure should be supervised by a professional.

Do-it-yourself bleaching kits may cost less, but they may be harmful to
the integrity of your teeth and surrounding gum tissues. Be careful when using
them. Follow the directions precisely!

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