Selecting a dentist for you and your family can become a
daunting task. That being said, probably the best way to
find a dentist you can trust and have faith in their abilities
to provide you with exellent oral care, is by referral from a
good friend or respected family member.

With the possibility of contradicting myself,chosing a
dentist is a personal decision. Individual preferences play
a very important role. Assuming that all dentists who graduate
from accredited dental schools are competent, ethical, caring,
compassionate professionals, you have to like that individual’s

Establishing a good repoire with your dentists is paramount
in getting the type of dental services you deserve. Lets be
realistic here,going to the dentists is not something most
people will look forward too!

You have to like your dentists, trust them and believe that
they are going to recommended only treatments that are
neccessary and in your best interests.

With the extremely high cost of a dental education today,many
neophyte dental graduates tend to over-service their patient’s
because they want to pay off their two or three hundred
thousand dollars of debt they accumulated while going to school.

Perhaps in a way, one may not criticize them for having this
attitude but the problem is the large majority of them do not
have the expertise to perfom competent, high-end dentistry when
they first get out of school !

Its the high end dental procedures like crowns,fixed-bridge
work,Veneers and surgical implants that I am referring too.

It takes time to develope the skills required to perform
high-end dentistry in the appropriate manner.I would suggest
that most new dental graduates need at least five years of
experience and further education in these fields to develope
competent, operating skills.

In the fifties and sixties, there were fewer dentists and
the demand for their services was paramount. It did not
seem to matter if you were a good dentist or a had a bad
reputation.You were very busy and considered to be successful.

The dental patient did not have the power fo knowledge ,
to question the work and/or decisions that the dentist made.
The dentists would tell the uninformed patient what they
required. If the patient did not get the work that was
recommended, the dentists were still be busy because the
demand for their services was still quite prevalent.

It was in the nineties that dental patients became increasingly
aware of their options regarding dental services. More and more
information was provided via TV, and then computers.

All consumers have different needs and wants and their
expectations have changed drastically, particularly in the past
20 years. Patients are now more than ever, aware of dental
procedures like Veneers, teeth whitening, implants, bondings,
invisalign, lasers, computer imaging and much more.

The dental patient today expects the dental professionals to
provide all of these services in the state of the art form.

Dentistry today, has become much more competitive and
that is a good thing. A patient no longer has to go to a
dentist they do not like because he or she is the only
one available in their community.

Some patients will select a dentist for convenience. As
an expamle the MALL dentist, where parking is usually free,
and you can walk right in without an appointment and get
dental treatments provided.

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