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Cosmetic Dentistry

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There are basically four types of dental treatment; 1. Preventive treatment which keeps your teeth and gums healthy! 2. Restorative treatment which treats damaged teeth, gums and replacement of missing teeth! 3. Orthodontic treatment which involves the improvement of the position, appearance and function of your teeth! 4. Cosmetic treatment

Why Is Dentistry So Expensive?

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You have more than likely asked your self this questions many times. Why is Dental treatment so expensive? I agree that Dental Treatment can be very expensive depending on the treatment you might require and choose to have done……..That said however, A dental graduate education, degree is very expensive. Over

What Is A Dental Bridge ?

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Is it important to have missing teeth replaced in your mouth? After all, missing teeth in the anterior (front) part of the mouth are unsightly and unattractive to say the least!……So the answer in this situation is YES! Missing teeth in the posterior (back) part of the mouth can become

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