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Dental Care For Seniors Who Need Help

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Since Modern day Medicne appears to be increasing men and women’s life spans, the need for dental care for seniors has probably never been more apparent! The chief dental problem for older adults is without a doubt gum disease ! This common issue usually developes quite slowly, is often painless

Choosing A Dentist

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Selecting a dentist for you and your family can become a daunting task. That being said, probably the best way to find a dentist you can trust and have faith in their abilities to provide you with exellent oral care, is by referral from a good friend or respected family

Evolution of Dentistry (cont)

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Before I continue with last weeks blog , I want you to know Dentists are entitled to earn a better than average income ! After all, they have invested a considerable amount of time and money into their education. Believe it or not, most dental students that graduate today will

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