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What Is Pyorrhea ( Periodontal Gum Disease ) ?

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Pyorrhea, more commonly understood as “gum disease,”is the single, most important cause of tooth loss in man! Infact,more people wear dentures because of the ravages of this affliction than for all other reasons combined. Nine out of ten adults will develope some degree of gum disease at some time in

How Much Do You Know About ” Antibiotics ” ?

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Over the years , “Antibiotics” have been tossed about and used inappropriately to the point that a most widely used antibiotic like “Penicillin” has lost a great deal of its effectiveness. Penicillin is no longer as useful against some infectious conditions that not so long ago, were completely controlled by this so

Do Denture Wearers Need Regular Dental Check Ups ?

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The answer to the headline question of this blog is an…………… EMPHATIC YES! I cannot find words to express the potential, serious consequenses a denture wearer faces, if he or she neglects to have a regular dental check ups………….. This may sound like a money grab but it is anything

How To Get Dental Pain Relief !

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There are many oral pain medications available to relieve various types of dental discomfort.Probably the best over the counter painkillers for a toothache are the NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The only way to deal with most dental pains is to correct whatever is causing those pains and that means going to the dentist

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