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Just What Is a Canker Sore ?

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The Aphthous minor ulcer, commonly known as a ” canker sore”, has been the focus of study and research for many years. Basically, it is a chronic, inflammatory disease characterized by a painful, oral ulcer that occurs with varying frequency. Hence the term “Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis ” (RAS). Categorized as

Should You Fear Dental Needles ?

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I know that fear of the dental needle used to administer a local anesthetic is still very common. Many people unwisely delay dental treatment out of fear of being hurt by the needle insertion and /or ultimately by the dental procedure itself. This FEAR of receiving a local anesthetic is

Dental Pain and Its control

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Mild post-opertive pain or discomfort is to be expected after many types of dental procedures. Occasionally, patients will leave the office feeling worse than when they went in. Most of these mild post-operative discomforts can be controlled with Aspirin, Anicin, Tylenol or a form of ibuprophen like ; motrin, advil,

Just What Is Dental Pain?

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It is perhaps not unusual that the human mind associates dentistry with physical discomfort and sometimes extreme agony. The mouth where the dentist does his or her work, is a very sensitive place, and the teeth and gums can be a source of pain ranging from mild or chronic on occasion  to

What Is Oral Surgery? (cont.)

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Other legitimate reasons for extracting teeth other than problematic third molars (wisdom teeth) are supernumerary teeth ( extra teeth) and mal-positioned teeth. Although all Orthodontists may not be unanimous in this regard, it may be advisable to extract perfectly sound, healthy teeth in order to further enhance the outcome of

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