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Just,What Is Oral Surgery?

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Surgery may be defined as that branch of medicine which treats diseases, wholly or in part by manual and operative procedures. Oral surgery then is that branch of surgery and dentistry which deals with diseases and injuries of the  mouth, teeth, and adjacent tissues. Oral surgery is any prodedure that your

Why Is The Rubber Dam used in Dentistry?

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While some dental patients might refer to the rubber dam as “that dam rubber thing”   It is one of the oldest and most useful dental aids that has ever existed. The rubber dam is piece of latex material approximately 6 X 6 inches in size used during dental treatments.

Why Do Dentists Use Gold Filling materials?

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The inert qualities, strength and durability of gold makes it one of the most biocompatible filling materials in regards to  tooth structure. Although it is may not be too esthethic and in demand from today’s very ,vane society, it is still the ideal treatment of choice in large restorations that are indicted for

Are Composite,Tooth coloured Fillings Better?

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For many years , tooth coloured fillings have been used in the dental profession. In the fifties and Sixties, the tooth coloured filling materials were comprised of plastic and silicate type components. Although they looked better than the basic, standard amalgam filling, they tended to be prone to leakage and

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