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Why Have A Dental Examination (cont)

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In common with all phases of good dentistry,a proper,complete exam takes time. A thorough exam cannot be done in a few minutes. The so called ” Quickie exam” on a first visit, is a specialty of the incompetent dentist who rarely takes time to do anything right. A “quickie examination

Why Have A Dental Examination (cont.)

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Xrays help a conscientious , competent dentist detect, diagnose and plan treatments for problems that may exist long before they become visible to the naked eye. The xrays are the dentist’s diagnostic tools that remain the property of the office as a record of the diagnosis and treatment of your

Why Have A Dental Examination?

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The preliminary examination, by a dentist of your choosing, provides you a good insight into the quality of care that you might expect to receive. A first time, regular dental exam should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If xrays are required, this exam could take longer, depending on the

Things you should know About the Oral Cavity cont.

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The teeth are best described as layered or laminated organs each of which is divided into two major anatomical parts; The root, that part below the gum tissue which is attached to the alveolar bone, and the crown portion, that part which is visible in the mouth above gum tissue.

Things to Know about the Oral Cavity

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To perhaps have a better understanding of the type of work dentists do, a brief description of some of the basic facts about teeth and their surroundings might be useful. First of all, the mouth is a very complex and vitally improtant part of the body. It includes the lips,

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