The recent deaths of two beautiful,young innocent children aged 5 and 7

has upset me so much that I felt compelled to write an article about this troubling


In early August 2013, two innocent, brothers aged 5 and 7 were apparently

strangled by an ” python snake” after escaping from a  from an exotic animal pet shop.

This pet shop is located in Campbelton a small Canadian town, located in the Province of New Brunswick .

Apparently these two boys  were visiting a friend for a sleepover. They were sleeping

in an apartment above an exotic, retailer pet store. The two victims who have been identified

as Connor and Noah Barthe, were friends of the son of the Pet Store owner, Jean-Claude Savale.

How sad ! What a terrible story this is! Why did this  happen ?  Could it have been avoided ?

In my view, the answer is an emphatic YES!

Obviously, if exotic animals were not imported into this country and were left to live in

their natural ,wild, habitat incidents like this would never happen !

When I first heard of this tragic event, I was absolutely flabbergasted. I couldn’t

believe my ears. Just when you think you have heard it all, something like this terrible

tragedy pops up and blows you away.

This particular boa constrictor was apparently 14 to 16 feet long. WOW!

That’s one hell of a large animal. Frightening to even think about . Especially when

I HATE snakes of any kind. I don’t even like watching them on TV.

Although this African Rock  Python is not venomous, they are know to able

to devour a whole antelope in the wild ,after they strangle it.

In the pet shop, this particular Boa occupied an enclosure that was securely

locked with not one but two locks. One of which, was a master lock that had its

keys hung up in an nearby laundry room.

The owner of the pet shop, Jean-Claude, has a son who is a good friend of

the two victims. He knew the boys and loved them like his own. and certainly

would not have placed the children in harm”s way. He remains in total shock and disbelief !

I know that many people will find Jean-claude  responsible and that he should

be punished in some way  but I feel that Jean-Claude has been punished enough

having to live with the guilt that he has to deal with. ! I cannot even imaging what

he is going through at this time . It must be absolutely awful to say the least.

I feel sorry for Jean-claude and wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy

if I had one. In a way, he is a victim as well.  And I know that if he could have done

something different to prevent this preventable tragedy, he would do so  in a heartbeat.

I have two lovely grandsons about the same age as Connor and Noah. They are my

pride and joy and I can’t imagine how I would if they were suddenly taken from our family

in any way.

In a five minute interview with Jean Claude by the Global news, he explained

that the snake which was rarely handled, escaped through a narrow ventilation

duct and fell through the ceiling of the bedroom where the boys were sleeping.

How freaky is that?!

Still in shock and dismay, Mr. Savoie went on to say that ” he was baffled how

the snake could have found its way through such a narrow pipe in the ceiling .

” He discovered the children  dead on Monday morning and the treacherous snake,

is now in police custody.

Personally, I believe that this particular snake should be put down. It should

never be given another opportunity to kill again.

Exotic animals of any kind should be left to live in their natural wild habitat and

should not be taken from their natural environment . They do not belong in our society !

They belong in the Jungle ?

I understand that it has not yet been decided if any charges will be laid in

connection with the deaths of these two boys. Currently, there is still an ongoing


Realistically, there is really no one to blame here.  The snake escaped from a

locked enclosure and therefore there was no evidence of negligence found at this time.

This was unfortunately a terrible, devastating accident.

All that being said, however it is my personal view that if this snake was left were it

belongs in the wild, this could never have happened. This obvious I know !

If exotic animals like the Boa are allowed to be imported either legally or illegally,

they will always pose a danger to our society , no matter what .

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